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Crystals: About Me

Welcome to my crystal shop!

Ignite your power and live your most authentic, confident, and abundant life through crystal healing! Please enjoy my shop and let the crystal choose you. Allow your intuition to guide you!

My name is Kristen and I have loved setting intentions with crystals since I was young and have always incorporated this passion into my daily work as a Social Worker. When I decided to begin my shop journey, my passion and driving force was to connect people with the captivating energy of crystal healing. I have felt a strong intuitive push to foster the connection between each crystal that passes through my shop to it's rightful soul (YOU)! It brings me so much joy to know when each beautiful piece of mother earth ends up exactly where it is meant to be, making this work a truly rewarding privilege! I can assure you that a lot of positivity and care goes into the selection of each crystal that Tea & Tourmaline LLC provides. When we infuse these vibrational crystals with intention, we create a symbiotic bond with it. Each crystal charged with your energy, can be used as a tool to support you in creating the transformation you seek.

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