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Upcoming Events

  • Breathwork & Soundbath Event
    Sat, May 06
    Locust Valley
    May 06, 3:00 PM – 4:15 PM
    Locust Valley, 27 The Plaza Suite B, Locust Valley, NY 11560, USA
  • The Connection Collective - Monthly Virtual Support Group!
    May 01, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
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Welcome to Soul Serenity Healing Center!

Our mental health collective is built on the foundation of providing relatable and holistic therapy and wellness services.

I help you reconnect with yourself and build thriving relationships!

We provide therapeutic services for those experiencing:

- Anxiety, Depression, & Mood disorders

- Self-connection & Self-esteem issues

- Life transitions & Chronic stress

- Relationship challenges

- Couples & Marital issues 

- Infidelity & betrayals

- Communication challenges

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 Our Services 

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Individual Therapy

Teens (13+) and Adults

Often times my clients seek therapy feeling a sense of disconnection in their lives, experiences, and relationships. Together, we will create a safe space that fosters self-compassion, growth, and healing so you can step into your power and recognize the strength and value you hold within. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, low-self esteem, or are just not feeling yourself, I will help you through your transformation journey to break free from the pressures, life changes, and/or expectations placed upon you by family, society, culture, and most importantly YOURSELF!

Couples Therapy

Relationships are hard work! Couples Therapy can be a useful tool for relationships of all stages. Whether newly-dating or in a long term marriage, navigating a betrayal or separation, struggling with communication or intimacy, or simply navigating life's demands, it is common for all types of couples to experience hardships and conflict that impact the relationship. Couples therapy invites each partner to take a deep dive inward & commit to doing the work on yourself that will in turn foster the meaningful and healthy partnership you are seeking. Many couples want to succeed but don't know where to start. Within weeks, I will help you gain tools to create the thriving connection you want + deserve.

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Usui Reiki Energy Healing 

Reiki, Universal Life Force Energy, is a healing technique that promotes relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety through distant or gentle touch. Reiki is received in a quiet room with soft playing music and may include weighted eye pillows, crystals, sound healing, and any other mindfulness techniques as intuitively needed and discussed to improve the flow and balance of your energy and chakra's in order to support healing. Reiki techniques can also be utilized to clear and release deep-seated issues and traumas, release energetic chords, and heal one's past, present, and future. All sessions include an intuitive evaluation of your energy, mind, and body and brief time for discussion after the healing. This service can be provided virtually or in-person.

Crystal Shopping

Clink HERE to shop our online storefront or connect with us to schedule an individualized virtual or in-person shopping experience! 

Crystals are vibrational and when we infuse them with intention, we create a symbiotic bond. Each crystal charged with your energy, can be used as a tool to support you in creating the transformation you seek. I can assure you that a lot of positivity and care goes into the selection of each crystal that we provide! 

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Contact Me!

For all inquiries, please complete the form below or contact me via phone. 

Phone: 516-584-5105


I offer a free 10 minute consultation call to get acquainted. 

Please note that the free consultation should be considered informational only, and should not be relied or acted upon until a formal client-therapist relationship is established with a written agreement/consent for therapy.

Thanks for submitting!

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